Add Squegg, the smart grip trainer, to your lifestyle and reward yourself with a firm grip and an overall health

Grip Training For A Healthy Life

Having a strong grip makes your day-to-day activities easy and improves your overall health. Be it carrying baggage, tending your backyard, or playing with your children. A firm grip with Squegg will make you feel able and confident.

Grip Training For A Healthy Hand

Our ability to grab, hold, twist and squeeze is essential for many everyday functions. Grip training helps us achieve the optimum strength necessary to perform all these tasks. It helps to keep our hands functional despite our age.

Backed by Research

As featured in the Journal of strength & conditioning research, a group of kinestheticians found that grip strength is one of the strongest predictors of overall muscle strength and endurance.

How can Squegg Help?

Assess Your Grip Strength

Just open the app and set your benchmark strength by assessing your grip for both left and right hands individually.

Train Your Grip

Train your grip with in-app routines and exercises.

Track Your Progress

Squegg app keeps track of your squeeze count, the number of times you have completed an exercise, and your grip strength.

Grip Training For A Healthy Heart

Squegg’s in-app 12 – minute blood pressure regulation activity is based on AHA recommended hand isometric training.

Backed By Research

According to a study published in the Harvard Newsletter, people practicing grip training showed a decrease of 14 points in their systolic blood pressure.

The American Heart Association recommends a 12–minute isometric exercise to regulate your blood pressure.

How can Squegg Help?

Customise Your Details

In the isometric exercise section, set your desired benchmark grip strength, target grip range, and exercise time.

Exercise Your Grip

Squegg’s in-app Isometric Exercise Feature guides you through the exercise. It has sound mechanics and clear guidance to help you be within the target range of 30-40% of your benchmark strength.

Track Your Results

Towards the end of the exercise, the app shows you your statistics and the number of seconds you were in the target grip range.

Grip Training For A Healthy Mind

Studies suggest that grip strengthening exercises help refine and improve motor skills. The fine motor skills aid cognitive growth and improve mental agility.

Backed By Research

The UK Biobank study establishes that grip strength is significantly associated with cognitive functioning.

Another study published in ScienceDirect indicates that muscle strength is associated with improved reaction time.

How can Squegg Help?

Hand And Mind Coordination

Squegg uses gamification technique to improve hand muscle movement. Studies suggest that games that focus on hand muscle movement can help to improve cognitive function and motor skills.

Information Processing Skills

Our games are designed to challenge your ability to process and analyze incoming information and get better every day.

Reaction Time

Our games can work on your reaction time and stimulate your response time as you play to score points.


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