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What is the Squegg Ecosystem?

The Squegg Ecosystem consists of three components: 

  • the hardware (device) 
  • the “Core Application” (free version)
  • the Squegg Pro Application

The Squegg & Core App (Free App) supports one single user profile which is ideal for individual use. However, it has limited use and function for clinical applications. 

The Squegg PRO Application allows clinicians & clinics to manage multiple patient profiles, create customized exercise programs, track patient progress, and allows clinicians to push those exercise programs to the patient to use on the core (free) application.

Do the two apps (PRO & Core) work together?

Yes, they sync as a part of our connected ecosystem. Performance and usage data transfers in real time. This allows clinicians to see how their patients are performing at home while they are in the clinic, irrespective of physical location. 

What is the Retail Pricing for the Device & the Software?

  • The Squegg Smart Dynamometer & Hand Exerciser retails for $109 in the US (international prices may vary due to duties & customs). 
  • The Squegg PRO Application can be purchased in Yearly, Quarterly, or Monthly Subscriptions at the following prices: Yearly: $550; Quarterly: $225

Why should clinics use the PRO if they can get an app for free when they purchase the device? 

Clinics prefer using the PRO over a free app that comes with the device purchase for several reasons:

  • Multiple Patient Accounts: This feature is crucial for benchmarking data and tracking progress. The smart games within the PRO use the most recent outcomes to automatically adjust and find the just-right challenge for patients.
  • Data Tracking Over Time: The ability to track a patient's data over time allows for a more comprehensive view of their progress and adjustments to their treatment plan as necessary.
  • Insurance Reimbursement: Documenting patient progress and providing justification for more sessions or work compensation claims is facilitated with the Squegg PRO, making it a valuable tool for clinics in managing insurance reimbursements.
  • RTM: Real-Time Monitoring (RTM) enables clinics to observe patient progress in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments and interventions.
  • Customization for Client-Centered Care: Clinicians have the ability to edit and customize parameters for each program, ensuring that care is tailored to the individual needs of the client, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment.

For large chains does each location need a separate PRO account?

For large chains, each location is required to have a separate PRO account. This is necessary to maintain HIPAA compliance, ensuring that each account contains only the patient information for one location. Furthermore, discounts are offered depending on the number of clinics being onboarded, which can provide a financial incentive for large chains to comply with this requirement.

How do you ensure that patient data is safe and protected? 

To address concerns about the safety and protection of patient data, we have implemented several measures with our Squegg device and its applications:

  • The Squegg device is an FDA-registered class 2, 510k exempt product, bearing JFA and LBB codes, ensuring it meets strict regulatory standards for medical devices.
  • The Squegg applications and their infrastructure are HIPAA certified, complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act's stringent requirements for protecting sensitive patient data.
  • Our use of Native AWS cloud systems not only facilitates quicker integration with other systems but also provides a robust and secure environment for storing and managing patient information.
  • We employ 256-bit encryption to secure patient data, offering a high level of security against unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Regular security upgrades are applied to the application, ensuring ongoing protection against new threats and vulnerabilities.
  • These measures collectively ensure that patient data is not only safe and protected but also managed in a way that complies with both regulatory standards and best practices in data security.

Does the Squegg device need to be replaced with use?

The time frame to replace the Squegg device depends on the size of the clinic and its usage frequency. We recommend replacing the Squegg device every 1 year to 18 months to maintain the most accurate and reliable measurements. We have a recycle and rebate system in place. For more information please contact the Squegg team at hello@mysquegg.com.

Is this the same reading as the JAMAR hydraulic dynamometer?

No readings are not a 1:1 comparison between Squegg and Jamar Devices. Many factors contribute to the variation in readings including size, device material, perceived effort and user experience. 

Inter instrument reliability and concurrent validity has been assessed in the research publications to show good to excellent comparison.

We have our own normative data.

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Is the Squegg device valid and reliable as an assessment tool?

We have three major publications supporting the validity and reliability of Squegg device.

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