Squegg PRO
Clinician’s Solution For Upper Extremity Therapy
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Squegg PRO, a mobile application paired with a squegg device, offers clinicians a comprehensive solution for managing upper extremity conditions. It enables clinicians to assess grip strength and endurance, as well as to create and assign tailored training programs, including home exercise programs.

It serves as a central digital hub, allowing clinicians to efficiently manage all upper extremity patients in one location, track their progress over time and monitor compliance, both in clinical settings and remotely. 

Clinical Evidence
Designed for therapists, by therapists
Key Benefits
Manage upper extremity patients

Connect Squegg to the app via Bluetooth to objectively assess grip strength (a biomarker for ageing, functional decline and chronic disease), in person or remotely, with a cost-effective and smart dynamometer. Then compare data to benchmarks for age, gender and R/L hand, set daily goals and track grip count engagement and performance across time.

Customized Patient Programs

Create & deliver customized therapy programs. Set specific parameters such as resistance, frequency, etc. for each game or activity added to the program.

Home Exercise Program

Create and assign home exercise programs. Patients can access their programs via the user Squegg app, while clinicians oversee progress through Squegg PRO.

Monitoring and Reports

Real-time tracking of patient progress and adherence to therapy programs. The detailed visual reports provide insights into performance, grip count, and treatment adherence.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)

Leverage Squegg PRO for enhanced therapeutic outcomes and potential financial benefits. Therapists can earn reimbursements up to $175 per patient, per episode with RTM.

Key Features

Squegg's validity and reliability in assessing grip and pinch strength are well-established in published research

Train grip and pinch: strength, endurance, coordination, speed

Use in clinics and for remote Home Exercise Programs (HEP)

Portable upper extremity therapy solution - HEP anywhere anytime!

Dashboard - ability to create multiple individual therapist and patient profiles

Create and assign individualized HEP by adjusting the parameters of the games & exercises

Increase patient HEP compliance and engagement.

Track patient performance and progress through our connected HIPAA compliant Squegg Ecosystem

Download reports for documentation and insurance reimbursement

Evidence based practice - Squegg is dedicated to ongoing research in hand therapy


I use Squegg with patients for fine motor skills. Great way to show measurable progress whereas with Theraputty it’s harder to grade it for billing purposes. Recommend everybody to purchase it. 

OT (Home Health - Geriatrics)

Our patients love the games. Squegg has been an absolute game changer for patients. Easier to fit in hand and not quite abrasive with the heavy metal. It’s one of my favorite interventions that I do with my patients.

OT (Outpatient- Neurorehab)

One patient in our clinic has been working to improve grip strength and hand function after surgery. She was excited about using Squegg and is having fun while exercising.

Hand Therapist

It's super simple to clean. With games, the patients don't dread to do it - they look forward to it because it's so interactive.