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Squegg offers a medical device and connected app solution for assessment and monitoring of key upper extremity impairments including grip strength and pinch strength. It helps in delivering in-person and remote care for upper extremity conditions through engaging games and activities.

Designed For Therapists, By Therapists

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Backed By Research

Our approach is firmly grounded in evidence-based practice. To date, we have three significant studies that support the validity and reliability of Squegg compared to the Jamar dynamometer. Our dedication to integrating exercise physiology principles in our designs underscores our commitment to delivering scientifically supported, patient-focused solutions.


Clinician’s Solution For Upper Extremity Therapy

Squegg PRO, a mobile application paired with a Squegg device, offers clinicians a comprehensive solution for managing upper extremity conditions. It enables clinicians to assess grip strength and pinch strength (live by Q2-2024) as well as create and assign tailored training programs, including home exercise programs. It serves as a central digital hub, allowing clinicians to efficiently manage all upper extremity patients in one location, track their progress over time and monitor compliance, both in clinical settings and remotely. 

  • Manage Upper Extremity Patients
  • Create & Deliver Customized Therapy Programs.
  • Create And Assign Home Exercise Programs
  • Monitoring And Reports
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM)
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Grip Assessment And Data Tracking

Supported By Research And Evidence

Fun And Engaging Games

Portable And Convenient


Smart Dynamometer and Hand Trainer

Medical device and a connected app solution for grip/pinch strength assessment, monitoring and training.

Customer Testimonials

Our patients love the games. Squegg has been an absolute game changer for patients. Easier to fit in hand and not quite abrasive with the heavy metal. It’s one of my favorite interventions that I do with my patients.

OT (Outpatient- Neurorehab)

I use Squegg with patients for fine motor skills. Great way to show measurable progress whereas with Theraputty it’s harder to grade it for billing purposes. Recommend everybody to purchase it. 

OT (Home Health - Geriatrics)

One patient in our clinic has been working to improve grip strength and hand function after surgery. She was excited about using Squegg and is having fun while exercising.

Hand Therapist

It's super simple to clean. With games, the patients don't dread to do it - they look forward to it because it's so interactive.


SQUEGG for Clinical Studies

There is a large body of evidence linking muscular weakness, marked by low grip strength, to many negative aging-related health outcomes. Grip strength has been labeled a ‘biomarker of aging'.

It has been shown to be a key biomarker for tracking disease progression in conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Myotonia, ALS, etc. Squegg is a smart solution that enables both in-person and remote assessment of upper extremity functional biomarkers, including grip strength, pinch strength, range of motion, and other metrics. It offers a cost-effective solution for tracking grip strength at scale, whether remotely or in-person.

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