Medical device and a connected app solution

For grip/pinch strength assessment, monitoring and training.

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How can Squegg Help?
Assess, Monitor, and Compare Grip Strength

Connect Squegg to the app via Bluetooth to objectively assess grip strength (a biomarker for ageing, functional decline and chronic disease), in person or remotely, with a cost-effective and smart dynamometer. Then compare data to benchmarks for age, gender and R/L hand, set daily goals and track grip count engagement and performance across time.

Gamification of Routines and Exercises

Squegg's utilizes gamified elements to improve engagement and increase compliance. In-app reminders,accessible routines, and adaptable games that use our AI system to adjust to the user's grip strength measurement and parameters in real-time help to boost rehab participation and motivation of the users.

Designed for Therapists by Therapists

Our user-friendly assessment flow is designed by OTs and CHTs to incorporate the American Society of Hand Therapists' guidelines for recording maximal grip strength via dynamometry, including proper positioning and procedure guidelines. Customization of parameters also allows for quick assessments for each hand individually.

User Friendly Design & Portability

The unique, lightweight, user-friendly design, soft silicone shell and finger grooves make Squegg easy to use and assess various grip types. Carry it anywhere, and start gripping. One charge offers 80 hours of battery life.

Clinical Evidence
Product Specifications
Material - Silicon Shell covering

Made with best in class silicone grade that is pleasant to touch and can be cleaned easily

Dimensions Size & weight

It’s size is 68*45*45 mm i.e. twice the size of a golf ball. It can easily fit inside your pocket. The product weighs 26 gms and that is half the weight of a tennis ball.

Bluetooth technology

The device uses the state of the art Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

Battery type

3.7 V Lithium-ion Battery and provides a standby time of 150 days.


Our patients love the games. Squegg has been an absolute game changer for patients. Easier to fit in hand and not quite abrasive with the heavy metal. It’s one of my favorite interventions that I do with my patients.

OT (Outpatient- Neurorehab)

I use Squegg with patients for fine motor skills. Great way to show measurable progress whereas with Theraputty it’s harder to grade it for billing purposes. Recommend everybody to purchase it. 

OT (Home Health - Geriatrics)

One patient in our clinic has been working to improve grip strength and hand function after surgery. She was excited about using Squegg and is having fun while exercising.

Hand Therapist

It's super simple to clean. With games, the patients don't dread to do it - they look forward to it because it's so interactive.