The Benefits of a Hand Massage and How to Do It Yourself

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The benefits of massage cannot be overlooked. Did you know that a simple hand massage can have larger health benefits?

Hand massage has the exceptional power to reduce joint aches and relax the muscles. But going to a spa centre for hand massage regularly may not seem like a feasible option. Sure, it is not. But having a hand gripper at home that can give equivalent results to a hand massage may seem like an ideal solution.

Let us consider a few benefits of hand massage:

Motion improvement

If you have trouble moving your hands and fingers, then seeking professional support is most advisable. Mobility challenges are faced due to the pain in the hand. Hand massage allows you to focus on the pain points of the hands. As you massage the hand focussing on such areas, you will experience a reduction and ease of tension in the muscle. When pain is managed, mobility is restored.

Pain management

A regular hand massage will help to reduce the pain. Moreover, massage of the hand enhances grip strength too. Doctors recommend using hand grip strengthener devices to improve the grip for living a happy and independent lifestyle. Squegg – Digital Grip Strengthener is a Bluetooth-enabled dynamometer that helps to improve hand grip strength. The device helps in reducing the pain and hence is considered a great therapy companion. The device is easy to configure with your phone for optimal performance and evaluation. It gives a powerful grip to your hands and can be meticulously used for training different types of grips like palmer, key pinch, and tip-to-tip pinch.

Enhances blood circulation

Strengthening your grip can increase the blood flow in your hands. Grabbing and squeezing something that is firm enables the users to strengthen their grip. Squegg is made with a silicone shell covering that provides you with a soothing touch. The device produces productive results and aids in restoring the lost strength of the hands. You may squeeze and hold the device to feel the contraction of the muscles consequently increasing the blood flow in your hands.

Blood Pressure management

Research proves that using a hand gripper can help people dealing with high blood pressure. If you experience high BP, then a simple 12 minutes isometric handgrip training can yield remarkable results as you will experience a dip in the blood pressure

Improves quality of life

Your chores require the total engagement of your hands but if your hands are painful; your daily productivity will be impacted. The hand gripper will give proper results and help you to get the lost strength that will aid in the better performance of your daily activities.

How do you massage your hands by yourself?

Here are a few steps that can help you give self-massage to your hands:

  1. To keep your hands straight, it is better to sit on a table and then relax one hand while using the other hand to apply soft pressure or massage. Moderate strokes will relax your hand.
  2. Use your palm to massage your forearm. Start stroking from the wrist and go up to your elbow.
  3. Stroke both the sides of your arm with your palm. Massage your fingertips also and repeat the process 4-5 times for good results.
  4. Pinch your skin from wrist to elbow to give pressure massage to your hand. It will help release the tension of the muscle.
  5. Give circular massage using your palm and fingers.
  6. You can wrap up by applying some pressure in the circular motion.

Final Thoughts

Hand pain can cause discomfort and lower your grip strength. To improve your quality of life, it is better to invest in Squegg Smart Grip Trainer that will give productive results. You will feel renewed energy as your hands will be able to perform better through an enhanced grip.

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Grip Strength As A Biomarker

Grip strength has always been an overlooked area. Even the topmost fitness enthusiasts fail to put enough importance on this matter. Most people are concerned with the physical training of other body parts yet grip training is rarely included in that.

How Can Squegg Smart Grip Trainer Help In Busting Stress?

Handgrip exercises using a squeeze ball can stimulate & contract your nerves and muscles thereby strengthening them. This activity, in turn, benefits the functioning of your nervous system and releases hormones that eliminate stress.

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Isometric exercises that require you to apply tension on a particular muscle group lead to significant improvement in BP levels. As per Considerable, An experiment conducted at the Miami University showcased improved BP regulation in people who performed grip exercises.