Hand Exercise Tools for Occupational and Physical Therapy

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Before going deep into the article, it is important to understand the difference between Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT).

OT revolves around the person’s ability to perform daily activities and PT primarily deals with the improvement or ability to perform activities via body movement. OT allows the person to resolve development or cognitive disabilities that impact their skills, behaviour, and motor skills. In short, OT helps people to engage in daily activities with ease. PT, on the other hand, deals with the improvement of mobility in the human body. The therapy helps to align joints and bones to reduce the pain.

So, now the point of hand exercise and tools is directly proportional to occupational and physical therapy because such equipment/tools help to enhance mobility and performance in daily activities.

Hand Therapy is a combination of OT and PT exercises to help quick restoration and rehabilitation of injured or painful fingers, hands, and wrists. The devices that help in the process are balls, grips. Stacking cones, weight bars, and bands. One can find such devices in several institutions like hospitals, physiotherapy centres, rehabilitation units, sports medicine facilities etc. The focal point of using such devices is to treat conditions like nerve disorder, arthritis, fractures, muscle tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here, we intend to elaborate upon the various hand exercise tools used for OT and PT:

Stacking cones:

These are like simple colourful cones that need to be stacked one over another. The reason behind stacking these is to help the user enhance grasping, motor skills, and coordination of hand-eye. The colours available in the kit allows the users to develop colour identification skills and this is the reason such tools are popular as kid playing tools too. Mostly, such tools are made with soft plastic. It is easy to spot the tool in schools, gyms, and PT centres.


The buyer can find an amazing variety in the Hand Therapy balls and Squegg can be a great smart grip strengthener to buy. The therapeutic versatility attached with such balls is high. The balls allow the users to exercise their hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms. As a result, multiple solutions are reached. The exercise therapy ball can help to improve the grip, behave like a stress-buster, and aid in better achievement of daily tasks.

Sio Foam Hand Exercisers:

These are specialized foams that are designed to meet the hand therapy results of the users. Squeezing the specially designed foam balls will help the users to treat upper body extremities. These are also ideal for performing joint mobilization exercises and the foam comes to the original shape after use. These have resistance, are soft to feel, and are available in different colours.

Finger exercisers/Bands:

The specially designed band can easily fit in the fingers of the users. They have to stretch the band and stretching is the exercise that they give to their fingers. It helps to enhance grip and gives mobility to the fingers.

Weight Bars:

Weight bars are available in different types and the main aim of these exercise equipment is to do strength training. Hence, these are effective to train the hands, wrist, and grip and give mobility to the different parts of the hand. Normally, you will find powerlifters using these tools in their strength training schedule. But even physiotherapy centres and hospitals make use of the tools for hand therapy exercises.

Final Thought:

It is simple to find these tools as the offline/online stores have a good stock. Moreover, the product descriptions are also mentioned online to optimize the purchase decision of the buyers. The recommendation of experts makes the tool authentic to use for the users.

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