Top 8 Grip Strength Exercises for Beginners

Top 8 Grip Strength Exercises for Beginners

The progress of your workout schedule is largely dependent upon your grip strength. Yes, you heard it right. The strength of your grip can take you miles. So, do not neglect this part of your body and train it effectively to extract the best results. Even if you have strong biceps and pectorals; it is in vain if your grip is not up to the mark. So, the muscles of your grip require equal attention and training as other parts of your body during a workout schedule.

Several grip strengthening exercises can aid in your progress and help you to achieve a strong grip. So, get set and go.

Here are the top 8 grip strength exercises for beginners:

1.Hand Grippers:

Invest in a good pair of hand grippers to exercise and achieve a strong grip. It can help to train and strengthen your crush grip. These are available in a wide choice and ideally the one that is hard to push back should be preferred. Repetitions and the maximum close it gets to yourself (when you push it back) is the trick to get the best out of the tool.

2.Barbell Holds:

So, the trick here is not to lift the barbell the highest but to hold it. Take hold of the barbell with double overhand grip and then bring it at about shoulder width and standing tall, try to hold it. Try to hold it for a longer time, about 5-10 seconds will be good enough. Try to complete 3-5 sets to train your grip perfectly.

3.Farmer’s Walk:

To perform this exercise, you may require two dumbbells or kettlebells. Now, stand holding the weights in both the hands and walk a couple of steps. It is sounding simple but you end up training your core muscles, hips, shoulders, and of course, your grip. You actually train your grip when you are in motion. Try to add speed and distance to your walk as per your convenience.

4.Finger Push-ups:

The best thing about this exercise is that neither you need to hit the gym nor do you need any tool for its performance. You only need your body and you are good to go. Put your hands flat on the floor and place them wider than your shoulder width. Rest your toes on the floor and keep your hip straight. You have to keep your spine straight too and do it by tightening your core. Now, raise your palms off the floor by placing your weight on your fingers. As you try this set of exercises, you will have to bend your elbows and keep your body close to the floor. Keep the arms straight and return to the original position. Repeat the exercise 20-30 times resting in between if required.

5.Band Extensions

These are easily available across online/offline stores. The user has to place the fingers around the band and extend the band as much as possible. You can even opt for the thick rubber band that you have at home to do this exercise. It is one of the simplest exercises that aids to get a strong grip.

6.Dead Hang

The overhead hanging bar is easy to spot in open gyms (gardens) and gyms. You have to use your overhand grip to hang from the bar. Hold it as long as possible and remember to keep your back straight and engage your core. Begin with 15 seconds and slowly increase the time as per your comfort.

7.Squeeze balls

Squeezy balls are also easily available in the market. Squegg is one of the best and the smartest option for enhancing your grip strength. Simply squeeze the ball and keep repeating the exercise as much as possible to get the best results. 8.Kettlebell Drop

Kettlebell is one of the grip strength equipment that allows the user to exercise in a rhythmic way. It helps to build grip endurance. Hold the kettlebell and release it. Quickly hold it again and squeeze it. Repeat the exercise as much as possible till you feel comfortable. Do the repeats with one hand or alternating hands as per your convenience.

Final thoughts

All these exercises are simple to perform. Some of these do not require the support of any tool also. So, it is easy to perform and can be executed anytime during the day.

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