The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Grandma

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Grandma

Unlike the parent-child relationship’s complex nature, the unique bond a child possesses with his/her grandmother is pretty simple. Grandmas are an abundance of unconditional love and empty in criticism. They desire nothing but the best in life for their little munchkins.

A grandma’s role in taking care of the young ones at home, lending a helping hand in the kitchen, and other household chores are impossible to ignore. Not to mention the pricelessness of the wisdom they share from their life experiences so that their children (you) don’t repeat the mistakes they committed.

Why not express our heartfelt gratitude for their invaluable presence in our lives? There is no better way to convey this message via a thoughtful gift. This year on Mother’s Day (09-May-21), gift your grandmother something that helps retain and improve their health and wellbeing.

Looking for the most thoughtful and smart gifting option for her? We have the perfect solution.

One of the most common ailments among older women is joint Pain, aka Arthritis. Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular diseases are also prominent. Lack of a healthy lifestyle and regular muscular activity can further escalate the chances of such menacing health issues.

Give Your Grandma A Bundle Of Healthy Goodness With Squegg

With the Squegg, keep these health conditions at bay. This smart device is the ideal tool for handgrip training. Recommended by leading Physiotherapists and medical professionals, Squegg is precisely what the senior citizens require to boost their grip strength and improve their lifestyle!

Proven Results

American Heart Association highly recommends a daily 12-minute session of Squegg’s Isometric handgrip exercise. This measure helps regulate the blood pressure to optimum levels which in turn can reduce the chances of heart attack & stroke.

Squegg’s performance tracking feature in the mobile app helps assess the fine motor skills and the in-app games supplements in maintaining cognitive functions for the elderly.


Squegg’s ergonomic and compact design is engineered for usage comfort, primarily catering to senior citizens’ needs. The silicone coating provides optimum skin protection and prevents sweat build-up.

Engaging and Fun Hand Grip Training

Squegg is aimed at mixing health with fun. The in-app games are guaranteed to make the daily handgrip training sessions lively and exuberant.

You can also share your training results with physicians and loved ones with the Squegg mobile app. This feature helps in performance monitoring and analysis.

What’s There To Ponder Upon?

Gift your moms and grandmas a healthy lifestyle with the best-in-class hand grip trainer, Squegg. Enrich their upper extremity training sessions by leveraging this compact and durable smart device.

Squegg – The Perfect Gift For Your Mom And Grandma On This Mother’s Day

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