The Best Exercises to Improve Your Grip Strength

The Best Exercises to Improve Your Grip Strength

Functional performance and physical fitness is boosted with a strong grip. We may not realize the importance of our grip until we face a problem in grabbing and holding objects, painful fingers and hands, or difficulty in handshaking, or pinching. Moreover, sports performance also drops if grip strength declines. Grip strength can be enhanced with the help of grip strengthener exercises performed at home using little tools/equipment. Moreover, a few exercises do not even require the involvement of any tools. People who regularly hit the gym may at times overlook the significance of a strong grip. But the fact is that grip training is equally important as training the back, chest, or legs. The easiest way to enhance the grip is by the incorporation of a few exercises that can enhance the squeeze, grab, and twist of the hand. Here we discuss the best exercises to train grip strength:

Kettlebell Swings

A kettlebell is easy to spot in gyms and easily available in the market. Just grab the kettlebell comfortably in the hands. A proper grip is important for holding the kettlebell. Stand straight with the kettlebell in your hands and bend forward, softening the knees. Drop the weight between the legs. Now, swing the tool up as you straighten but be sure not to go beyond your chest’s height.

Heavy deadlifts

The take is simple here. Heavy deadlifts lead to better grip and a better grip ensures a heavier deadlift. Hence, 3 grips can be performed with deadlift exercise – hook grip, mixed grip, and double overhand grip.

Farmer’s carry

This exercise is performed with the kettlebell. It is an easy exercise that helps to train the back, shoulders, core, and most importantly the grip. Stand straight, lift a kettlebell in each hand, press the shoulder blades, engage the core, and walk 50 meters before keeping the weight down. Repeat the exercise till you feel comfortable doing it.

Bicep curls

Use dumbbells that are comfortable as per your weight and fitness level. A simple bicep curl with the dumbbell not only gives shape to your biceps but also trains the grip and improves grip strength.

Squegg’s ball device

Squegg’s ball device is a smart way to exercise and train the grip. The Bluetooth-enabled device can easily train the grip and boost health and mental fitness too. The simple configuration of the device with its app in the smartphone helps the user to incorporate fun games and exercises to improve grip strength. The users can start squeezing as one of the simplest forms of exercise to build grip strength.

Plate pinches

A pair of smooth metal plates is required to perform this exercise. Thick bumper plates can also be used for the exercise. Pick them using one or both hands and hold them for 30 seconds. Even athletes perform the exercise with heavy plates to enhance their grip strength.

Bar hang

Now, this is one of the simplest exercises for training the grip. Simply hang from the gymnastic ring or bar to build grip strength. If it is difficult to hang freely, you can put your feet on the ground for support and hold the bar to train the grip.

A word of caution: It is better to perform gym exercises for grip strengthening under the supervision of the gym instructor or a coach. The experts can give better guidance and their experience can help you perform the exercises in a better format.

Final Thoughts

A strong grip is one of the best ways to judge the overall health and fitness of a person. Quality of life is boosted with a strong grip as it helps in the easy and quick accomplishment of simple activities in day-to-day living.

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