Help Your colleagues to cope with physical & emotional stress by unique gift ideas!

Help Your colleagues to cope with physical & emotional stress by unique gift ideas!

“If you can’t handle stress, you can’t handle success.”

The quote is very true in the corporate world. Stress is an inevitable part of corporate life,but now  anxiety and depression have become a real struggle. Isn’t it?

Thus, every corporate professional must learn stress management; In some cases, they can also use some relaxing tools to cope with anxiety and manage their regular stress.

It has become essential now more than ever to take care of you and your colleagues.

Corporate gifting is the best way to start helping each other. Coffee mugs, Photo frames are very primitive concepts of no use. Instead of these old common gifts, you can choose something worthy. We would suggest you pick a gift of relaxation, a product that aids in stress relief. All these gift items are significant and allows fast-paced professionals to practice self-care, encouraging them to  do some mindful activities.

The festive season is around the corner!

So, let’s make it more memorable with Zero anxiety and No Stress. We have some unique gift of relaxation ideas for you that helps you to share a very strong professional bonding with your team members.

Check out our top favorite items for Stress relief, and pick one of them for your teammates.

Unique Stress relief corporate gift ideas for fast-paced working professionals

Back Support Lumbar Pillow

Most of the IT and Digital Marketing professionals lead a sedentary lifestyle due to their job. However, prolonged sitting at the office or at home can cause several health issues like weight gain, poor posture, and back ache. Backache and fatigue are very common, worsen over time & cause stress.

However, it can be managed. If you see one of your teammates is suffering from back strain and getting stressed out of it, then a lumbar cushion is apt for him. It’ll simply minimize the discomfort and stress linked with sitting for long hours by giving enough support to the back.

Aromatherapy diffuser with sets of essential oils

Aroma therapy is an extraordinary therapeutic intervention for mental relaxation.

Thus an Aromatherapy diffuser with sets of essential oil can be a suitable gifting option. Essential oils are beneficial for reducing anxiety and calming down our mind. The diffuser set comes with rosemary, Jasmine, lavender, and peppermint oils. The diffuser is very good for work-from-home professionals.

However, it can be used in the office to make the ambiance calm and relaxed.

Aromatherapy diffuser has minimum 5 essential oils capacity with noiseless functioning. Thus, it could be a perfect stress relief gift in this festive season.

Smart neck massager

Stiff neck and shoulder aches are unavoidable after sitting for 8 hours in front of a computer. If you see one of your team members is suffering from an intense shoulder ache that interferes with his productivity, choose a smart neck massager. The integrated low-frequency electric pulses gently massage and relax neck and shoulder muscles and provide a healing effect.

Acupressure mat & Pillow

Acupressure is a Chinese technique to release our blocked energy (Qi) from the body. When blockages are eliminated, we feel more positive and focused. This theory is used in the Acupressure mat & Pillow. These contain hundreds of acupressure points that apply pressure to our neck, head, feet, and hand and eventually minimize aches around them.

You can pick this as a gift item if you want to see all your team members are managing their headaches and work-associated stress very well and staying productive always.

Meditation Cushion + Gratitude Journal

Combination of these two items is appropriate for professionals who are emotionally down because of work pressure. A tool can help us to ease physical pain,but  not emotional pain. Thus, you can choose something that genuinely helps them to cope with emotional stress.

Meditation is necessary to manage our emotions. Every working professional should practice it to increase focus. But they avoid sitting for long hours due to back aches.. Let your teammates do better meditation with a meditation cushion pillow with enough support to the spine’s natural curvature.

A gratitude journal, along with this cushion, helps professionals to cultivate positive thoughts. Gratitude is a compelling positive emotion that helps us to cope with emotional stress and anxiety. So you can choose this combination as the corporate gift to empower your associates’ minds with good thoughts and help them to gain confidence to face professional challenges in daily life.

Squegg device

If your teammates are content writers, copywriters, or coder,, then the Squegg device is the best gift for them. They often struggle with hand pain and finger fatigue due to high-speed continuous typing. However, it can be prevented by doing a grip strengthening exercise with a grip strengthener.

Squegg is a blue-tooth enabled hand grip strengthener apt for strengthening grip and fingers. It is lightweight and portable. So, it can be carried out in the office.

Isometric hand therapy exercises are essential for professionals who used to work on computers for long hours to maintain good hand health. So, let your teammates do some hand therapy exercises with Squegg in between office hours to remain productive for their whole life.

Choose a healthy corporate gift option in this festive season and make the rest of 2022 productive, cheerful, and stress-free!

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