Best Hand Exercise Tool for Occupation and Physical Therapy

Best Hand Exercise Tool for Occupation and Physical Therapy

We all know that grip strength is one of the most impacted impairments limiting the hand function among others — like range of motion, pain, and swelling.

The most commonly used tools for grip strength in hand recovery have been the dynamometers for measuring grip strengthballs, and other age-old techniques to improve the strength. Since grip strength is worked upon towards the last phase of the recovery program, patients tend to lose motivation leading to higher dropout rates from the recovery program.

In this digital era, nothing engages better than super-cool technology. And what if this smart technology could help a patient make hand recovery easy and fun? YES, we are talking about Squegg – a Bluetooth enabled smart grip trainer that can help hand therapy patients measure their grip strength and improve it with its range of engaging exercises and games. This advanced hand muscle strengthening equipment is now widely used in physiotherapy, hand therapy, and occupation therapy to enhance the grip strength of patients.

Why Squegg Is The Best Tool for Occupational & Physical Therapy

An effective hand therapy ball exercise regime includes power grip, pinching, thumb flexion and extension, and all these can be done with our Squegg device. It is a versatile tool that can help you work on your multiple types of hand and pinch grips 

Squegg is basically a Bluetooth-enabled dynamometer that helps the user assess, track and improve their grip strength. It is developed with advanced technology, so it’s far better than an analog dynamometer.

As the device comes with measuring metrics, a hand therapist can evaluate the progress and check how patients respond to their rehabilitation program. With Squegg, the grip strengthening exercise is not more boring because it comes with engaging in-built games and fun exercises which keep patients always motivated.

 Physiotherapists, occupation therapists, and hand therapists prefer to use this tool to make the rehabilitation journey of their patients easy, engaging, and successful.

Let’s focus on the features!

  • Squegg ball is developed with a unique user friendly and functional design. The outer surface is a soft silicone shell and the attached finger grooves make the Squegg device convenient and evaluate different kinds of grip.
  • Travel-friendliness: Patients love it because of its travel-friendliness. The product is extremely light-weight, so you can carry it easily in your hand bag.
  • Sweat resistant:  As the device is made up of soft silicone, it is sweat-proof.Thus, you can easily clean it with a wet cloth and disinfectant. Therefore, the product will always remain safe and hygienic.
  • It has better Charge longetivity: It means only two hours of charge makes it eligible for the next 80 hours.
  • Boost patient engagement and compliance: Now make the therapy sessions fun with its range of games that encourage patients to participate in treatment, improving compliance. Engaging games are perfect for hand therapy exercises because they come up with different challenges that help patients gradually develop their competence.
  • Assess the progress:  Now, progress assessment has become very easy. Squegg allows its users to download and share the stat reports with their therapist so that their doctors check their progress and develop the most suitable exercise plan for fast recovery. This also makes it an optimal tool for remote/ virtual therapy

All these amazing features make Squegg the revolutionary hand therapy, a perfect hand therapy companion for therapists.

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