Arthritis and Grip Strength: How to Protect Your Hand Grip?

Arthritis and Grip Strength: How to Protect Your Hand Grip?

Arthritis can impact the efficiency of joints in the human body. Hand arthritis can be frustrating because it can cause loss of grip and hence lead to the decline in productivity of the hands. The common types of arthritis that affect the hands are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, thereby causing hindrance in their daily activities. People primarily complain about pain in the fingers, hands, or wrists accompanied by swelling. Though prevention of arthritis may seem difficult, yet treatment is the best way to manage the issue. Hand grippers can bring relief and strengthen the fingers of the hand. The hand grip strengthener by Squegg is a Bluetooth activated squeeze ball that is easy to carry and use.

Arthritis caused in the hands can lead to the weakening of your strength and grip. If it takes time for you to open a jam bottle or you have to struggle to hold things in your hand, then you are losing the strength in your hands. Moreover, ageing can also deteriorate the performance of your hands and arthritis can further result in the loss of grip. It is a natural process to lose muscle mass and strength and hand grip is also closely associated with the same.

People with arthritis may experience such feelings at a young age. Arthritis causes hindrance in finger and thumb performance because gripping requires thumb functioning. It is difficult to use swollen and inflamed joints.

How to protect your hand grip and improve its strength?

Multiple reasons account for arthritis in the hands including age, genetics, injury, and illness. But the problem is manageable. Several tools are also available for strengthening the grip. The doctor recommended Squegg hand gripper is a great tool that is portable and easy to configure with the smartphone for keeping a track of hand performance.

However, a few tips can also aid in improving the hand grip and strength:

Strengthen your hand

1.Use a hand gripper

The hand gripping ball available in Squegg is one of the best solutions for the problem. It is a device with an ergonomic design and hence, is easy to use. It can help the user to easily use the device to improve the efficiency of the hand. Using the specifically designed tool for a couple of minutes daily will strengthen the grip of the hand. These are considered ideal because they work on the hands from different angles to target the painful muscle and give it the required support to improve efficiency.

2.Indulge in hand exercises

Yes, you read it right. Several hand exercises are particularly aimed to strengthen the hand grip. You can easily watch the tutorials that are freely available online to understand the importance of hand exercises. Follow the steps because these are simple enough to be executed.

Make lifestyle changes

1.Take medication

It is best to seek medical advice and include medication if prescribed by the experts. This is an essential step that should not be avoided because living with painful hands reduces life quality. So, it is better to take medication, if required, and restore the lost quality of life.

2.Weight management

Our joints are impacted by body weight. The more the weight, the more the joints are impacted. So, keep your weight under check to reduce the burden on your joints. Arthritis is directly related to obesity also. Indulge in daily exercises to maintain the ideal weight of the body so that the pressure on the joints is released or managed.

Hand grippers are a great way to improve the performance of the joints in the hand. Tools like Squegg help to strengthen the muscles of the hand. Living life on one’s terms not only adds a new meaning to life but also gives smiles on the faces.

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