A Smart Grip Trainer That Boosts Lifestyle

A Smart Grip Trainer That Boosts Lifestyle

Your grip strength is a crucial indicator of muscle strength and endurance (Source: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research). Several studies prove that having a solid grip reduces the chances of stroke and heart attacks.

What if a smart device with a mobile app helps you regularly engage in grip training? What if this device made the overall experience fun and exciting with a gaming element? Search no more. Introducing Squegg – “The Ergonomic and Durable Smart Grip Trainer.” This smart device will elevate your hand grip levels like never before. Uplift your lifestyle with Squegg!

What’s in Store for You with Squegg?

Recommended by leading Physiotherapists, Squegg is the latest innovation in the market that is your one-stop solution for swift recovery from hand injuries.

Ergonomic and Durable Design

Squegg’s design is dedicated to comfort, and the silicone shell covering ensures zero moisture from sweat build-up and gives complete protection to your skin. The product quality is guaranteed for durability.

Portable and Energy-Efficient

Squegg’s compact size allows you to train anywhere at any time. With a battery life of up to 80 hours on a full charge, Squegg is your ideal grip trainer on the go.

Visually-rich Tracking

In-built Bluetooth connectivity lets you track your grip strength, grip count, and overall progress using a visually rich User Interface on the Mobile App. Squegg takes the User Experience to the next level. Get exclusive access to new app features automatically.

Where Grip Training Meets Fun

The Squegg experience is one that you cannot miss out on. We combine the goodness of handgrip training with the engagement of in-app games. With this feature, Squegg helps transform your hand workout sessions into gamified entertainment.

Export your usage data into excels and share it with your physicians and loved ones on demand!

Accelerate Your Recovery

Are you recovering from a recent hand injury and trying to regain your grip? Squegg’s guided exercises will assist you towards a speedy recovery and enhanced grip levels.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Get your Squegg Smart Grip Trainer today! Improve your hand grip and muscle strength using this compact and durable smart device. This portable device comes with a charging cord, a user manual, and a phone stand.

Leverage the fun-filled and enriching Squegg experience to develop a smart lifestyle and build a healthier you!

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