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Introduction: Rehabilitative therapies work better if the prescribed exercises are followed properly under the routine assessment of therapists. But It has been reported that only one-third of the patients follow the daily exercise routine correctly. Patient-noncompliance and non-adherence to treatment are really big issues in Physiotherapy and Hand therapy.

However, the Remote Monitoring Process (RMP) can partially help therapists to resolve above mentioned issues.

RMP is like a boon for Rehab care professionals because they can track and monitor their patients’ regular performance and provide feedback from their comfort zone.

Before going deep dive into the topic, let’s define the Remote Monitoring Process (RMP) first.

What is Remote Monitoring Process (RMP)?

RMP, also known as remote physiologic monitoring, uses digital technologies to monitor and capture medical data from patients and electronically transfer this medical information to therapists for analysis and feedback. It also allows healthcare providers to track necessary data from patients after getting discharged. RMP encourages and motivates patients to remain consistent with their treatment program.

For better Understanding, National & international organizations define the system more technically.

According to the U. S. Government Accountability Office, Remote monitoring process is a coordinated system that uses one or more mobile monitoring or home-based devices that transfer necessary healthcare data or vital medical signs based on daily activities performed by patients to healthcare professionals for review, analysis, and personalized feedback.

On the other hand, The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has defined the process in straightforward terms; RMP is a device that assembles patient data and transfers it through the internet to therapists. The valuable data helps therapists to evaluate and monitor progress and provide treatment accordingly.

The rehab care  treatment program has never been a single-day phenomenon. It always demands a certain period of time with routine visits which was not possible at pandemic phase, thus patients requested more online appointments than offline to avoid hospital visits and unnecessary travel.

Hence, therapists opted for the remote monitoring process to make the whole treatment procedure consistent and convenient for both ends ( therapists & clients).

Though the pandemic is over, the demand for RMP is consistently increasing because it reduces the number of hospitalizations, readmission, and lengths of stay in the clinic, which saves travel cost as well as time

Hand Therapists Can Leverage the Potential of Remote Monitoring Process through SQUEGG™

SQUEGG™ qualifies for the remote monitoring process. It means hand therapists can guide their patients from their home location.

Now you may ask how it is beneficial for hand therapists.

Here we would say Remote Hand therapy with SQUEGG™not only convenient for therapists but also for the client because

it offers:

  1.  Better access to care
  2.  More privacy
  3.  Reduced travel costs & save time
  4.  Consistent monitoring process
  5. Flexibility with the therapeutic session

Remote application of SQUEGG™ is Simple: 

When you order a SQUEGG™ device for your patient from our website, we will deliver the device to your patient’s address. Next, you have to schedule a video call ( for say, a Zoom call) with your patient to provide visual guidance on how to use the device, along with the types of grip exercises he needs to perform with particular frequencies ( HEP). It will be a virtual paid hand therapy training session.

After attending the session, the patient has to continue the home exercise program ( HEP) with the device as advised. The device generates easy-to-read and detailed infographics reports through its dedicated application, which should be sent to you for assessment, feedback, and progress check. You can effortlessly download and analyze the report from anywhere. A consistent monitoring process and feedback loop motivate your patient to engage with the training session and, thereby, help both of you to accomplish the hand rehabilitation goal in a short time span.

The overall procedure is clear and simple. It mitigates the requirements to see your patients frequently at the clinic for therapeutic sessions.

Additionally, you can serve your hand therapy program remotely with SQUEGG™ to patients who want to avail your treatment but are unable to come to the clinic because of geographical distance.

Remote Monitoring of Patients with SQUEGG™Can be Reimbursed

As SQUEGG™ is Qualified for the remote monitoring process, remote treatment with it has also been approved for reimbursement. Medicare regulates the remote patient monitoring reimbursement process. Our remote monitoring services are billed under four CPT Codes.

CPT codes for the remote monitoring process are divided into two categories:

Service codes (99453 & 99454)

Management code (99457 & 99458)

All these codes are made and implemented by the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We strictly follow CMS guidelines to aid both therapists and patients with the remote monitoring process.

If you want more detailed information about the Remote monitoring process and reimbursement with SQUEGG™, please get in touch with us!

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