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We have two product listings live on this site – one for Coral, one for Mint.

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The SQUEGG companion app is the tool you use to evaluate your grip, monitor your progress, and improve it with interactive activities. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Android 4.4 and up
  • iOS 8.0 or later

On your phone, turn on Bluetooth. Open up the app. Squeeze the SQUEGG to pair following the on-screen instructions. The SQUEGG will gently vibrate when successfully paired.

Note: If you have an Android device, please turn on your mobile’s GPS (enable location services) – this is an Android requirement. Rest assured Squegg does not use your location in any way. You may disable location services after pairing.

Troubleshooting Guidelines

  • Check if your mobile’s Bluetooth function is switched on before you open the app.
  • If you have an Android device, please enable location services – this is an Android requirement and we do not use your location in any way!
  • Make sure your mobile device is not running on VPN.
  • Check if your Squegg app is updated to the newest version.
  • Charge your Squegg as it might be lacking battery charge. Upon connecting it to the charger, squeeze the Squegg ball for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate.
  • While charging, if your battery is not showing charge, squeeze the Squegg for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate.
  • Every time you open the app, squeeze your SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate, or check if the Bluetooth symbol on the upper right side of the app no longer has the rotating arrows around it.
  • Please connect the device with power supply, once the device vibrates, unplug it and try again. (This should reset the Squegg).

If none of the above works, please reach out to hello@www.mysquegg.com and provide the following details:

  • Built: iOS or Android
  • Application version:
  • Phone name:

If possible, share a video for the team to deep dive into the issue.

SQUEGG ships with a charger included in the box.

1. Plug the USB-end of your power cable to a power supply with a USB port.
2. Connect the other end of your power cable, the jack plug, to the charging port of your SQUEGG – located on the side marked “DC”. Make sure the jack is inserted securely and properly.
3. To check if charging is successful, squeeze your SQUEGG for 3 seconds and wait for it to vibrate.

It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge. One full charge will give you 160 days standby time and 80 continuous working hours.

The phone holder is there to make your life easier when using the SQUEGG app. Stick the base to the back of your phone, then push up the holder and slide your finger through. This will enable you to hold your phone securely in one hand and SQUEGG with the other. When playing games in the app, tilt your phone in landscape mode and use the holder as a kickstand – now you can use your hands alternatively to squeeze the SQUEGG.

The SQUEGG has a silicone outer layer, protecting the high-tech sensors inside. For this reason, grime will have a hard time attaching to it. Should it get dirty, you may simply wipe it with a damp cloth. You can also clean it with some sanitizer.

Pretty much! It’s not advised to do any deep-sea diving with it though, but in the experiments* performed it seemed to like being splashed with water, soda, coffee, and beer equally.

*No Squeggs were harmed during the tests.

It is a squeeze ball and is shaped like an egg. Hence we call it Squ-Egg

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