Social Media for Rehab Care Therapists; A Real Game Changer

Social Media for Rehab Care Therapists; A Real Game Changer

Social media;  Platforms to boost brand awareness through effective communication and interactions.

Sounds interesting?

Let’s see why & how?

(If you are a rehab care professional, then you would leverage maximum benefits out of social media platforms)

Because Social media has become an integral part of digital marketing. We know healthcare digital marketing is continuously growing because healthcare brands choose digital marketing and social media marketing to promote their business online, and also the fact that the audiance is online.

Social media platforms have significant contributions to promote healthcare businesses, especially in the rehab care field. Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists now like to use these platforms for communication, networking, updating themselves with new technologies, and therapeutic interventions (learning for professional growth).

Though social media offers loads of opportunities to therapists, they need to use these platforms sincerely, following ethical and professional considerations.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing in the Rehab Care Field

Social media marketing can be a real game changer for you.

 Let’s show you how:

  • Social media promotions create better brand recognition.
  • Increase patient awareness about the treatment, & therapies offered by professionals
  • Social media platforms work as the medium of interaction between therapists and patients across the world; Simply put, social media platforms are the way of passive communication that would help therapists to build strong relationships with clients.
  • Open up a new avenue to catch new patients while also retaining existing patients.

Let’s check out how social media marketing helps rehab care therapists promote their businesses online.

Social media platforms help you to establish your services online: As a therapist, you can use social media platforms to make your rehab care services more recognizable. These platforms encourage you to create a buzz for your rehabilitative sessions and attract a mammoth number of patients.

Get more exposure to your services:  When you open social media pages for your rehab care services and promote your therapeutic techniques there, potential audiences start liking and following your page. Social media platforms have a “Share” option, encouraging your followers to spread your business in their community. It is a passive yet ingenious way to get enough business exposure.

Easy way to get feedback:  Social media marketing lets you know what clients are saying about your practices and how they feel about the therapeutic interventions you have provided. In the healthcare field, feedback is an invaluable segment that helps you to modify and optimize your services based on patients’ requirements. Apart from that, you will get opportunities to resolve the audiences’ queries in an interactive yet professional manner which in turn helps you to attract even more potential patients by building authority and trust.

Achieve better search engine ranking: Social media is not only a platform of communication and promotion but also helps your healthcare website to achieve a better rank on the search engine bot.. Search engines, including Google and Bing, appreciate websites with a strong social media presence. Thus, it is mandatory to have social media presence for your rehab care services to get a better SEO ranking.

Top Five Highly Effective Social Media Platforms That Helps Rehabilitative Care Business to Grow Online

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube

These five social media platforms can benefit rehab therapists in several ways. Let’s see how these can be used.

Facebook:  Facebook comes with a plethora of in-built helpful tools that help businesses to understand their target audience and their behavior pattern. For rehabilitative care private practices, having a Facebook page is mandatory. Facebook paid advertising campaigns allow healthcare brands to promote their business in a strategic way considering all essential metrics so that advertisements can reach a maximum number of patients who are looking for that particular treatment. Additionally, Facebook page business insights help therapists to track engagement and click-through rate (CTR), which is vital for therapists to understand user response and demands for their services.

Twitter: Twitter is the platform of quick conversation where every post should be to-the-point, but allows you to upload short videos directly to Twitter which are easy to share through “retweeting.”

Therapists can share their thoughts and treatment videos on Twitter to build many followers. Simply Twitter is the best option for those who want to connect with other therapists worldwide and make a community. Here the main objective is to grow online together. Twitter is a cheaper ad space compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram:  Instagram is an excellent place to showcase moments of practices and pictures of new techniques therapists are using in rehabilitative care. Here, professionals can share visually appealing images of their rehab practices that resonate with their brand objectives.

Additionally, Instagram is unique because of its dedicated “hashtag” functioning that makes a post highly intuitive. So, therapists must use hashtag functionality to receive better reach of their posts.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a platform entirely dedicated to professionals. Therapists can use this platform for better exposure, community-building, and engaging audiences through their valuable posts. This platform also offers paid marketing campaigns for healthcare practices to generate leads, drive traffic to healthcare websites, and increase brand awareness.

YouTube: Social media marketing is incomplete without video advertising. YouTube provides the opportunity for video advertising. Therapists can share videos about their treatment and rehab care program, including exercises, success stories, and patient reviews to build brand awareness and authenticity. Patients love to see other patients are recovering through your treatment. So, don’t forget to use YouTube while promoting your rehab care services.

Here we have discussed the best five social media platforms to promote your rehabilitative care brand and services. Now you may want to see examples.

Squegg, The brand has designed a digital dynamometer SQUEGG™, which is extensively used by rehab care therapists for upper extremity and hand therapy exercises. Squegg uses social media platforms to make their marketing and branding journey smooth and effective.

You can check out Squegg social media pages to understand how they work to establish their brand through their dedicated social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Facebook :  MySquegg

Instagram: @mysquegg

Twitter: @MySquegg

Linkedin: MySquegg

YouTube: SQUEGG Digital Grip Strengthener

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